​​​​Have you ever had a dream that life seemed to crush before your very eyes? Well, that happened to me. When I came back to the Lord at 22 out of the nightclub life and God healed my singing voice at 24, I really believed God would use me to reach the world with His message of HOPE through Jesus Christ. However, life happens and it uses people to crush any ray of light that your dream might be fulfilled...ever.

 After the divorce, the breast cancer, the deaths of my parents and losing three siblings from the same non cancerous brain tumor, I was in a pit of despair, doubting who I was and what I was created for, believing the lies that my Type A personality was a bad thing, and believing my life was over because I was now old. I didn't feel old in my spirit, but the evidence glared at me each time I looked in the mirror or wrote the numbers of my age.  Could God possibly still use me in the way I had felt called?

Then I read in Psalms 92 - The righteous will flourish like a palm tree.  They will still bear fruit in old age, they will stay fresh and green proclaiming, "The Lord is Upright, He is my Rock."  I realized God had moved me to Florida, the land of palm trees, to be near family and started opening doors I would never dream. I realized that I will still bear fruit because Jesus' righteousness covers me and I am not ashamed of proclaiming Jesus Christ as my Lord!

​We need to realize that if God can use a donkey to talk to Balaam, then He can certainly use any of us! God will use whatever and whomever He can to get His message out to a lost and dying world!  We need to make ourselves available to be used. I believe if He had used me at an earlier age before all of the pain and devastation that I would have gotten in His way. Now I lay emotionally prostrate before His presence in total submission for His perfect will to be performed in and through my life! 

 I don't want to make a living...I want to make a life! I want to see what my future holds as I walk in His plan that was set before the foundation of the earth.  I’m excited to use everyday as an opportunity to do missions where ever  God sends me. I will share one-on-one the salvation plan with people God puts in my path because He knows my heart is to see lives touched and changed during the harvest in these last days before His return.

​God has opened amazing doors for me since my move to Florida.  I am pumped to announce that I auditioned and got a callback from AMTC, Actors, Models & Talent for Christ.  I had the opportunity to work with AMTC in Orlando where artist from all over the world came to audition in front of the biggest and best Agents, Film makers, Directors, and Producers from LA, New York and all over the nation.

God is doing a NEW thing in His Children.  My NEW thing has been in Acting in the Film Industry and it came out of left field.  Please allow God to direct you to His NEW thing in your life.  Walk through confidently knowing that if God brings you to it, He will take you through it!!

                                                  FULFILLMENT OF A DREAM

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